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Our team is built upon the many years of accumulated experience we hold and the broad variety of specializations present. 

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Administrative & Office Services

Administrative & Office Services

         Setting up a new business in a foreign country or state is exciting, rewarding, and can be difficult. There is a long list of decisions to be made early on, but one of the most important is selecting the right business structure. Don’t risk making the wrong choice. For this reason, we provide assistance in preparing the essential foundation of a company's beginning.


         We simplify the business incorporation process and lead you towards the most appropriate structure for your business. Once you have formed your new company, we provide support to our clients with basic activities that are important in day-to-day operations, helping to create a smooth and efficient system of operations, and providing the accounting and bookkeeping services you need to stay on top of your finances.


Some of the activities included in our Administrative & Office Services are:

  • Entity selection - LLC, Partnership, Corporation 

  • Business plan development

  • Receiving and managing mail/bills

  • Depositing funds (bank deposits)

  • Providing telephone service (answering and making calls on your behalf)

  • Issuing and sending PO/Invoices

  • Bill payments

  • Providing meeting/desk rooms

  • Liaison with clients and associates on your behalf

  • Business license registrations

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