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Monica Taborelli


Chief Executive Officer CEO

“Our firm and our services are always one step AHEAD”

A – Accuracy

H – Honesty

E – Effectiveness

A – Adaptability

D – Diversity

Personal Core Values

Monica is the CEO of ICAmericas, responsible for our International clients. She has been practicing public accounting in Italy since 1988, where she is an Italian Auditor listed in the Italian National Register.

She graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy, in 1987 with a master’s degree in Management and Accounting. She managed her own accounting firm in Milan, focusing on international clientele and tax matters. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has also acted as a trustee  under appointment from the Milan Court. For several years she has been an equity partner for an international consulting firm in Milan.

Monica has extensive experience with international tax and international business expansion.  Her clients range from small emerging businesses to large multinational corporations.

Monica and her family moved to the US in 2013 and since then have lived in Houston, where Monica has started the IC Americas business.


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